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Mindturn model

For us, it is important that you, as a passionate founder, retain control of your business. We call it investing with ❤️

Mindturn investerer udelukkende i SaaS virksomheder, der sælger til B2B med kunder i abonnement.

Kun på den måde kan vi tilføre højt specialiseret viden til din virksomhed. Og lynhurtigt identificere de 100 håndtag, der vil give høj vækst og stabiliseret drift.

Vi vil være Danmarks førende investor indenfor SaaS med B2B kunder i abonnement.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs within Software as a Service lack more knowledge than they lack money.

In fact, research based on 200 successful SaaS companies shows that timing accounts for 42% of the reason for success. Followed by the right team and the right execution by 32%.


The idea accounts for 28%, the business model 24% and the funding alone accounts for 14% in the most successful software companies.

Funding arises as a natural reaction to the other causes. If the timing is right, the team is good and the idea holds water - then the funding always comes.

Therefore, we only invest in SaaS companies where we can actively make a difference for founders. And primarily in companies with a B2B focus or B2B-like focus.

The vast majority of investments are a combination of knowledge and capital. But we only want a small stake in your business. For us, it is important that founders retain control.

These are founders who must go happy at work, fight for the company and have by far the greatest benefit from a divestment.

Typically, we take a 5% stake for an investment with knowledge, and in special cases want to buy an additional 5%. Primarily to achieve a more favorable taxation of dividends.

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